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Digital Marketing Course Overview

Digital marketing is an important part of information technology. If we talk about social media, then we can say social media is the king of digital marketing. In which search engine or any other social media platform, which plays an important role for every digital marketer or every businesses. Today, if you want to grow your business or want to connect with an unknown audience, then social media platform is an only option for you, who can give flight to your dreams. In fact, with the help of digital marketing, you can easily reach millions of people in a very short time. Which is not possible anywhere else.

What is Advanced Digital Marketing Course?

If we reach any brand products or services to the audience with the help of digital promotion or social media promotion, then this is called Digital Marketing. This digital marketing promotion includes email marketing, sms marketing, image marketing, text marketing, video marketing as well as all types of web based marketing. In other words, i can say online marketing is called Digital Marketing also. In today’s time digital marketing course has become a trending subject. Today everyone wants to join the digital world and this is the reason, that all the people are showing their interest in computer, mobile or internet. So that everyone is connected to each other with the help of social media. In general word we can say, Digital marketing is the simple way of promoting and selling of products and services by the help of online or social media marketing tactics, such as email marketing, sms marketing, seo etc.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course

Grow your business or career faster by knowing the fundamental principles of Digital Marketing Course. In digital marketing course, we are going to understand more than 40 modules closely. In which we are going to cover all the fundamentals modules related to this course. When you complete Digital Marketing course thoroughly, then you will be aware of all the fundamentals of digital marketing course. After this, you can join any company as a digital marketer or you will be eligible for the job. Due to the popularity of social media in today’s date, the demand for digital marketing course or digital marketer remains on trending.

What are the types of digital marketing?

There are many digital marketing channels available; these include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC – or cost per click advertising), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and marketing analytics. While each of these is a legitimate form of digital marketing, there are other channels that exist. Affiliate Marketing, for example, relies on affiliates building lasting relationships with their customers.

How do I start digital marketing?

You know how every year at college you have to take a certain number of credits per semester? And, how if you fail to do so, you’ll be forced to take the same class again? Could you imagine the same thing with learning digital marketing? You see, if you took for example a high school or college course about baseball, once you graduate and stop taking classes about baseball, there’s a strong chance that you’ll forget what you learned. With digital marketing on the other hand, it’s almost impossible to forget everything once you learn it. That is its biggest advantage over all other courses in school because digital marketing builds upon itself continuously as a field.

What skills do I need for digital marketing?

The world of digital marketing is a broad and varied one. There’s a lot to learn in order to become a true SEO, PPC, content or social media ninja. You’ll need to be able to master your chosen platform, whether it’s Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram or whatever platform you decide to focus on. It’s not a simple job, but the skills you pick up along the way will have lasting effects that boost your employability and marketability. But what skills do you need? And what skills are lacking among those looking for jobs in this area? To help you out, I’ve put together a list of essential skills every digital marketing professional should know. Some are practical and others are more theoretical, but they all deserve recognition in some shape or form.

How to become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Generally, after this 6-months advanced digital marketing course, you will become a specialist in these domains like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Web Page Designing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and many more social media marketing.

What are the different types of Marketing?

As we know, marketing word which has been going on since ages. Our ancestors used to do marketing first by shuffling their goods, later they used to do the same marketing with shuffling of valuable coins. Which used to be very popular during the reign of King and Maharajas. But with time there has always been a change, and because of this change, today we have come into the world of digital marketing. This digital marketing is so effective that people are trying to read and know its importance.

What's unique about Digital Marketing Course?

In Digital Marketing course, we are covering 40+ models in the best way, along with 10+ demo and live projects are being done. A certificate is being given by NYD India (National Youth Development of India) which will be valid in worldwide. And is famous for a good quality education, NYD India has always been focused on enhancing the skill power of our youths community. Life time support will be given to you from our faculties, you can take help from NYD India whenever you want. Not only this, from our youths community, you and your family will be supported physically and financially for life when you need it. Placement will be given to you during the course or immediately after or during the course, which is open to all the candidates, whether you are our student or not. NYD India has always been working on its firm intention, which is necessary for our youths and our common people. Do take help of our youths community when you need it, never think what people will think. All the faculties of our institute educate the students with the best experience. Not only this, from time to time we also give you a guide for your career growth.

Course type and duration of Advanced Digital Marketing course?

Advanced Digital Marketing is a diploma course, after doing this you will become a master of the digital world. The course has more than forty topics. This Diploma course is of six months which will be covered with regular 3 days in a week. The coming generation is going to be fully connected to the digital world. You don’t miss out so stay connected from now on. In this course, you will also be given the facility of many software tools, images, banners, logo design, graphics and many more, so that you can do your work smoothly everyday.


Actually digital marketing is a combo syllabus which includes social media promotion as well as website design. That’s why the project we are going to get done in digital marketing will be taught how to design a website. All those projects will be of different categories, in which few are wordpress, magento, opencart, HTML, woocommerce website project included.


Our classes are available in both online and offline categories, students can choose the mode of class as per their preference as per their convenience. Provided classes will be only 3 days in a week which is to be on continuous basis, for example Monday- Wednesday or Thursday-Saturday. Those students can select the schedule according to their wish.


NYD India has more than ten dedicated and experienced faculties, which have been serving all the students every day. All of our faculties hold experience of more than five years, and have deep knowledge on their subjects. And the biggest thing is that students can feel free to contact their teacher at any time and get help, you will get this facility for the rest of your life even after the course. NYD India provides you the best quality education, training and services, which is vital for your career growth.


NYD India is associated with Jobs and Placement Service since February 2021. Our company provides jobs to its students as well as outsider candidates. In such a situation, you can understand that how much our company is concerned for the jobs of our students, so just focus on your education and your jobs are guaranteed by us. Our company is associated with the largest staffing company in the country like Teamlease Services Ltd, Randstad India and Many more.. One of our team is working only and only for Jobs and Placement service, so you can rest assured that you will definitely get your job.


One of our team is working only and only for Jobs and Placement service, so you can rest assured that you will definitely get your job during your course time. Our company has always been providing 100% placement service


NYD India is getting job promises of different categories on a daily basis, which is suitable for own students and some for outsiders. Most importantly, you are also given a chance to select the company of your choice.


The right way to get a job in any company is your resume, and how are you representing yourself and your knowledge in front of the interviewer. Our company has always been guiding you how to get a job in a big company.


40+ Modules With Live Practical Session

Basic  Marketing
Basic Digital Marketing
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
E-com SEO
SEO Tools
Web Page Project
Google Ads
Facebook Marketing
Google Analytics
E-com Marketing
Influencer Marketing
AS Optimization
Affiliate Marketing
Drop Shipping
Search Console
Content Writing
E-com Registration
Web Planning
Web Design
Basic WordPress
Website Audits
Media Tools
Instagram Marketing
Twitter Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Youtube Ads
Google Adsense
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Image Marketing
Text Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing
Template Design
CRM Integration


What is Advanced Digital Marketing course?

Marketing through the Internet with the help of digital tools. This course gives you a good knowledge of digital marketing advertisement. After doing this course, you get a lot of options to do job, start your own startup or do freelance project work. If you want, you can do all these three things together. If you do all the work together then only your work dedication can lead you to success.

What is the duration of Digital Marketing course?

Generally all the topics of this course are covered in 3-6 months. If someone wants to learn from the basics, then it can take 6 months for them. But if someone has already done any web designing or web development course, then it is enough time for them to do this course for 3 months. That is, we can say that the time vision of six months is enough to complete this course.

Any basic computer knowledge required for Digital Marketing?

Yes, basic computer knowledge required to learn digital marketing.

What is the course fee of digital marketing?

Complete course fee is Rupees, 20000/- (for six months course)

What is WordPress in Digital Marketing course?

Through Word press, we will learn to design web pages, how to design any type of webpage in Easy Way by installing the word press plugin. Word Press and Word Press plugins are covered in this topic.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO there is a kind of free of cost and complete organic process. In which we work on suitable and related keywords and get them ranked on the first page of Google search engine. SEO it is a very difficult process, it may take few months or years to get you ranked in Google first page. There are many factors in SEO, through which we work and get ranking in Google. Some of which are important : On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Local SEO, Technical SEO and many more.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC-Paid)?

In this, Google practices to post advertisement on Google Ads in the right way. Which we get to know, how much conversion is being received after taking paid promotion in Google.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Through social media marketing, we run advertising campaigns on different social media platforms. And with the help of this advertising campaign, we generate leads for our business products or services.

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

With the help of SMO, we understand the behavior of the customer and give him various offers. So that the customer enjoy our products or services.

What is Web Page Design?

In this, you are also taught to design web pages with the help of WordPress. In which there is at least six projects, all of which are of different categories. In which there may be few projects of WordPress, Magento, Open cart, HTML and few may be related to Woo commerce platform.

What is Blogging?

In the Blogger topic, you learn what is the accurate process of doing content writing and how to do it. In this topic, the process of monetizing Google Adsense is also teach. From where we can generate regular income by posting content writing blogs.

What is Freelancer?

If you are doing a full time job for a fixed salary, whose timing is from 10 am to 6 pm, then you have some free time. Which you can make extra money by utilizing the free time. For this, you have to do some domestic or foreign projects sitting at home. Most of the freelancing projects are related to content writing, web designing or social media promotion.

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