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Introduction to Digital Marketing

To understand digital marketing, we need to know three things deeply:

  1. ► What is Digital Marketing?
  2. ► How to do Digital Marketing?
  3. ► What are the things to keep in mind while doing digital marketing?
  4. ► What are the benefits of Digital Marketing course?
  1. What is Digital Marketing?

We all know, marketing means selling a product or services. The same thing is also in digital marketing, If you are selling any product or services to the customer through the internet, then we will call it digital marketing. For example, you can guess from this that whatever marketing used to be in the past, it was mostly by Newspaper, Television, Holding or Direct Selling. But today’s era has completely changed and we are entering the whole digital world.
Understand in simple language, digital marketing is a medium in which we promote our brand product or services through digital platform. Digital marketing can also be called online marketing. Promotion via the Internet or digital tools, including email marketing, social media marketing, image marketing, text marketing.

  1. How to do Digital Marketing?

First of all, to do digital marketing, we will need some technology products, in which computer / laptop, internet connection, some software tools and good strategy with patience. If you want to get a good result in digital marketing then your marketing strategy should also be good.
Your digital marketing strategy will depend on these four factors :
2(a). Ads creation
2(b). Right audience target
2(c). Ads engagement
2(d). Ads conversion
2(a). Ads Creation:
We have to create a great and attractive ads template content, which reflects the values, emotions and can attract the audience more.
2(b). Right Audience Target:
We always have to pay attention to target the right audience only. It should not happen that we are wasting the promotion amount by targeting the wrong audience.
2(c). Ads Engagement:
When we are doing any promotion, check the promotion results regularly, how much audience is interested?  How much engagement is coming from the promotion?
2(d). Ads Conversion:
From advertising promotion, we also have to check that how much audience conversion is coming out of the amount we have invested in promotion.

  1. Things to remember while doing Digital Marketing?

Doing digital marketing is a very challenging task, If you do it well then this digital marketing will give a new height to your business or your client’s business.
Keep these two things in mind while doing digital marketing :
(a). Have complete knowledge of products/services
(b). Identify the right audience related to your products
In digital marketing, we are not involved in direct selling, so our first task is to create an environment related to the products. So that we help in selling the products to the audience / customers. For example, we can understand that Amazon /Flipkart has never told us personally that you should buy our product, but Amazon/Flipkart has created such an environment from its advertisement that we ourselves have come to buy their products.
While doing digital marketing we have to go through four levels:
3(a). Brand products/services awareness
3(b). Consideration
3(c). Product Sale
3(d). Customer Retention
3(a). Brand Awareness :
Before the products or services of any brand reach the customer, we promote these products, So that all the customers know that the product of this brand is going to come in the market and everyone should be ready to buy. In this step, we keep in mind that what our promotional content will be, how effective it is and how effective it will be on the audience, how much result we are going to get with the help of this promotion content. Only a powerful content creates awareness among the public, so always keep in mind that our content can be the first impression or last impression for the audience.
3(b). Consideration :
In the consideration part, we will attract the customer by giving a good offer to the customer, so that whatever hesitation of the customer is removed frequently. You must have always seen that when a startup is coming in our country, it enters the market with a lot of offers from the very beginning. So that from the very beginning it can create a good customers base and serve the customers regularly. And seeing that offers, the customer also gets attracted to the company’s service.
3(c). Product Sale:
The third step during digital marketing is product sale, in this we will keep in mind that when a customer’s order comes, we have to keep the product availability with more quantity. It should not happen that the order of the customers is received, and we do not have the product availability. So in this way our made customer should face very bad experiences.
3(d). Customer Retention:
After this comes the last step customer retention, in which we have to pay attention that the customer service should be absolutely smooth and customer friendly. Otherwise, the customer will not be retained for us and because of this our built-in customer base will be ruined, and because of this, we and our company may have a lot of losses, because we had given many offers to the customer to make the customer base.

  1. Benefits of Digital Marketing:

There are many benefits of doing digital marketing, some of which are:

  1. Jobs
  2. Freelancer
  3. Blogger
  4. Youtube Channel
  5. Startup Business

4(a). Jobs :
After doing digital marketing course, you can easily get job, jobs availability in rural area is a bit less But if you live in a metropolitan area, then there will be no shortage of jobs for you. After digital marketing, you will also be offered good salary in jobs.
4(b). Freelancer:
You will often see that after doing a full time job, people are left with extra time, on this free time you can do freelancer projects. Which will be very beneficial for your extra income. In freelancer work, most of the projects are received from abroad, which are valued in dollars, which becomes a huge amount in Indian currency.
4(c). Blogger:
Blogging is a good option in digital marketing, with this you can do full time or part time also. And from blogging, you can earn a huge amount every month. In this, you have to continuously post content on your blogger page. Those who have interest in content writing, this will be the best career for them.
4(d). YouTube Channel:
After learning digital marketing, you can create your own YouTube channel and upload videos and by monetizing the channel, you can earn money on regular basis. It is the best way to attract your audience. You can also look at it as a full time career.
4(e). Start a Startup:
If you have skills and ability to take risk then you can start your own startup business. And with the help of digital marketing, you can promote your business strongly. By which the chances of growing your business will increase and your business may grow quickly.


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