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You can get inquiries related to training, jobs, politics or any of our services. If we can be of any use to you, then it will be your kindness. You can feel free to contact us and share your views with us, and we hope that we can help you from the heart.

This course gives you a good knowledge of digital marketing advertisement. After doing this course, you get a lot of options to do job, start your own startup or do freelance project work. If you want, you can do all these three things together. If you do all the work together then only your work dedication can lead you to success.

In this course, you are given detailed knowledge about Indian History, Finance Issues and Modern India. After doing this course you will be eligible to become a politician.

In the present era, only one income can cause problems for the family, so everyone is going on passive income.

After doing this course, you get a lot of options to do job, start your own startup or do freelance project work.

Generally all the topics of this course are covered in 3-6 months. If someone wants to learn from the basics, then it can take 6 months for them. But if someone has already done any web designing or web development course, then it is enough time for them to do this course for 3 months. That is, we can say that the time vision of six months is enough to complete this course.

India Politics course has no time limit, you will be associated with NYD India for lifetime but after two years training, you are eligible for election candidate.

Complete syllabus will be covered in six months of Finance Marketing course.

In financial marketing, the stock market, IPO, bond, cryptocurrency will be told about the market. Whereas in digital marketing, social media, so, affiliate promotion is told.

Through Word press, we will learn to design web pages, how to design any type of webpage in Easy Way by installing the word press plugin. Word Press and Word Press plugins are covered in this topic.

SEO there is a kind of free of cost and complete organic process. In which we work on suitable and related keywords and get them ranked on the first page of Google search engine. SEO it is a very difficult process, it may take few months or years to get you ranked in Google first page. There are many factors in SEO, through which we work and get ranking in Google. Some of which are important : On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, Local SEO, Technical SEO and many more.

In this, Google practices to post advertisement on Google Ads in the right way. Which we get to know, how much conversion is being received after taking paid promotion in Google.

Through social media marketing, we run advertising campaigns on different social media platforms. And with the help of this advertising campaign, we generate leads for our business products or services.

With the help of SMO, we understand the behavior of the customer and give him various offers. So that the customer enjoy our products or services.

In this, you are also taught to design web pages with the help of WordPress. In which there is at least six projects, all of which are of different categories. In which there may be few projects of WordPress, Magento, Open cart, HTML and few may be related to Woo commerce platform.

In the Blogger topic, you learn what is the accurate process of doing content writing and how to do it. In this topic, the process of monetizing Google Adsense is also teach. From where we can generate regular income by posting content writing blogs.

There are many ecommerce and technology companies that have provided affiliate marketing services on their platform. In general, in affiliate marketing, we review the products or services of those companies and create a buying link of the products or services on our review pages. If the customers / followers are bought these products or services from our given link. Then We get a fixed commission from the direct company each and every time on the basis of the products categories.

If you are doing a full time job for a fixed salary, whose timing is from 10 am to 6 pm, then you have some free time. Which you can make extra money by utilizing the free time. For this, you have to do some domestic or foreign projects sitting at home. Most of the freelancing projects are related to content writing, web designing or social media promotion.

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